Commercial Cleaning Solutions & Janitorial Services In McDonough & Across Henry County

Hoyt Cleaning Service provides janitorial services, maintenance offers, and other similar commercial cleaning options and for business and offices across McDonough and other areas across Henry County. Whether you’re in need of scheduled office cleaning or a deeper cleaning solution, or even post construction cleanups, we can provide the people who can effectively clean your workspace. With a rigid screening process set in place, each specialist we hire under our company is guaranteed to be well-experienced and are made sure to uphold the value of integrity that our company is known for. Here at Hoyt Cleaning Service, you can rest assured that all our janitorial services and commercial cleaning solutions are accomplished efficiently and effectively, regardless of the task we face.

Check out the various projects we are able to provide:

Floor Care

Mopping is only of the solutions that we can provide to enhance the appeal and luster of office floors. From time to time. Flooring needs to be given special attention to be kept vibrant. For some though, they require more frequent floor cleaning, especially since some offices experience more foot traffic or equipment hauling on a regular basis. For the latter, mopping would no longer cut it. Our team of floor cleaning experts use top-of-the-line cleaning chemicals to effectively remove any stains and or hard to remove dirt that normal mopping wouldn't be able to accomplish.


We provide businesses across McDonough and other areas across Henry County with professional janitorial services. It’s no secret that employers and employees frankly do not have the time to clean their own workplace since the top priority is in most cases, production. Though it can be done before or after work hours, let’s be real. People would rather live that allot a couple of minutes to an hour cleaning the office. Here’s where we come in. our janitorial services are provided based on scheduled appointments. Coordinate with us and we’ll develop a cleaning schedule that works for the benefit of your office. 

Strip/Wax Floors

If your floor is looking rather dull but doesn't show any signs of immediate damage, it might be ideal to have the old floor wax stripped. The wax provides a coating on the floor material itself; this gives it added protection against scratches and constant floor traffic. But even this coating needs to be rejuvenated or replaced from time to time. At Hoyt Cleaning Service, we provide fast and effective floor wax stripping and or floor waxing solutions that’s done based on when you want. Our commercial cleaning offers take into consideration the operation of our clients, so we work around their time to provide such service without interrupting their day-to-day operations.

Post Construction Clean Up

Not only do we provide janitorial services and commercial cleaning solutions across McDonough and areas across Henry County, but we also offer post construction cleaning services for businesses that deal with construction and remodeling projects, or for those establishments who have recently renovated their offices and have no time to clean the workplace themselves. Our team of commercial cleaners are well trained to handle even the more sensitive debris cleanup such as glass, wood, and dirt, guaranteeing the workplace to be as clean as possible and ready for use. 


We do just about anything that has to with cleaning and the commercial field. With years of experience working for various companies across McDonough and throughout Henry County, our team of seasoned janitors can provide commercial cleaning with the utmost quality and professionalism. Every nook and cranny are meticulously cleaned through a systematic approach that ensures top-tier results our clients are looking for. Whether you’re in the business of shipping goods or are in the field of paperwork, our commercial cleaners are definitely ready to provide you with the services that you need for a better working environment.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is considered to be our bread and butter. While there are a number of other commercial cleaning companies in McDonough or across Henry County, we define ourselves from the rest of the competition by providing office cleaning with the aim of enhancing the productivity of the employees on top of making the area a better and cleaner working environment overall. From receptions to workstations, to restrooms and even break rooms, you can trust our team of cleaners and janitors to handle the situation with professionalism. your investment with us is guaranteed to be absolutely worth your while.

Whether you’re in need of post construction cleanups or scheduled office cleaning solutions, you can trust Hoyt Cleaning Service, the leading commercial cleaners and janitorial services providers in McDonough and across Henry County. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll provide you with the manpower you need to ensure that your place of work remains as clean as it can be. You can reach us at 470-422-6631 or send us an email. We’ll be more than willing to assist you.